Florida Officers Help Remove 11-Foot Gator from Sarasota Pool

Simply one other day in Florida!

In keeping with TIME, an 11-foot alligator determined to have fun the vacation weekend by slipping right into a pool belonging to a household in Nokomis, Florida.

The household observed the intruder, who wasn’t onerous to identify, on Friday night time. As an alternative of making an attempt to unravel the gator concern themselves, the pool homeowners known as Sarasota County Sheriff’s office for alligator wrangling help.

Officers arrived on the scene and ultimately known as in an expert trapper to securely take away and relocate the huge animal. The entire ordeal was carried out by early Saturday morning. No gators or people have been damage through the animal’s launch. The one sufferer of  this incident appears to be the display the alligator busted by means of to get to the pool.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office


Due to the sheriff’s workplace’s “#TweetsFromTheBeat,” Calusa Lakes Alligator, named for the neighborhood it was present in, was a top trending moment on Twitter and earned the sheriff’s workplace loads of new social media followers.

Whereas the sighting was clearly newsworthy to many, the sheriff’s workplace posted on Twitter that discovering a gator in your pool is only a “#FloridaThing” not value “freaking out over.” In keeping with TIME, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fee obtained over 16,000 complaints about trespassing gators in 2016.

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