Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review WITHOUT SPOILERS!

Avengers Infinity War Movie Review : It has been sold as the climax of the Marvel stories, which started in 2008 with Iron Man.

Infinity War is the third film to load the legacy of Avengers , and is definitely the greatest of all, bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy on stage and showing a villain who first appeared six years ago.

If Infinity Warwere to be a failure, it would not only be a bad movie: it would be a meeting and would affect everything the other films have achieved in the past.

So, the first thing we should know about Avengers Infinity War Movie Reviewis that it complies.It’s probably the best Avengers movie – although the original is not far behind either – and proves to itself what it’s worth after years and years of a preamble that leads to this.

Avengers Infinity War Movie Review
Avengers Infinity War Movie Review

To ensure that the audience is genuinely interested in this massive cast of superheroes, Marvel has been patient enough to spend 10 years building a universe through many movies, which has led the audience to create affection for, literally, dozens of characters, starting with Iron Man to Black Panther and all those in between.

And now that all those domino pieces have been put in place, Infinty War can knock them all down.

Without Spoilers – Avengers Infinity War Movie Review

If you have followed all these movies since The Avengers lHe bequeathed six years ago, you know the basics about Infinity War. Thanos – a spatial plum villain – has been looking for the gems of infinity, which correspond to different forces in the universe.

Each of the gems confers a large amount of power to that person who owns it, and more gems mean more power. Thanos wants six, which would help him destroy more than half of the living beings in the universe with a thunder of fingers.

This villain characterizes that “benevolent” genocide, who will make the lives of those who survive better.

‘AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR’ Box Office Collections Set The Record

And against him they are … well, everyone. Almost all the superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear at some point in Infinity War(You will not miss those who do not), and most of them will have, at least, a cool scene or dialogue within the movie.

If all this works, it is thanks to its writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who had the mission to keep this giant for hours – Avengers Infinity War Movie Review.

There is a lot of fun to see all these characters meeting each other: Thor exchanging jokes with the Guadianes of the Galaxy or the Avengers squadron with Wakanda’s army.

And in the hands of the Russo brothers – who previously led the similar and massive Captain America: Civil War– the scenes feel appropriately dense and epic without falling into the mundane. The full story shows about 12 different locations throughout the galaxy, with occasional jumps to the past and surreal cosmic settings.

Along the way, there are a few surprises – of which we obviously will not talk here – and a few details that will please the most loyal fans of Marvel.

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